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The Particip8 Community HUB needs you !!!

The HUB has been busy in our first 2 years mainly due to our local partners LEAP who have used the HUB for a variety of meetings throughout the year.

We are delighted to welcome Halfway Community Council on board as partners, they will hold all Community Council Meetings at the HUB and they will welcome residents from all areas of Cambuslang East to attend their meetings, please see our CALENDAR for dates and times..

We already have a lot of interest, but we are very keen to hear your opinions and ideas for using this space, so if you have a group, or would like to start a group, we'd be happy to hear from you and will help you with setting up the group if we can. If you know of any group looking for premises please ask them to get in touch via our FEEDBACK page initially. 

This project will only work if the whole community gets involved to maximise the use of the HUB for community based events and as part of that we have ensured that we have great disabled access, which means that the whole community can be a part of it. We also have baby changing facilities for mums and dads with young families.

One of our goals is to use the HUB to provide information and assistance to local people whether it be to get a job, find out about benefits, contact an elected representative, get financial advice or any other service that will benefit the community. To make this effective we need volunteers to help man the HUB so that it is available to the community at times when they need it most.

        The bottom line is, it’s a facility for the benefit of the whole Halfway areas, without the full backing of that community we will not be able to sustain it.

Please give your support and if we can make the HUB work, we could go on to bigger and better facilities much needed in our area.

If you have any comments we would be glad to hear them, please complete the FEEDBACK form on this website and we'll be in touch.


Particip8 Community Events 2019


               Easter Fun Day - Saturday 20th April@1 - 4pm


            Summer Gala Day - Saturday 27th July@1 - 4pm               


                 Fireworks Display - Saturday 2nd November@3 - 7.30pm (TBC)


  Christmas Lights Event - Saturday 30th November@3pm, switch-on at 4.30pm (TBC)



Christmas Lights Switch On Event Success 2018                                                                                                 

A great day was had by all on Saturday, many thanks to the  St. Cadoc’s School Choir and Park View School Choir for their excellent carol singing which delighted the crowd. Not forgetting Santa Claus and his Elves and a big Particip8 thank you to Ross Murray our MC/DJ for all the music and banter throughout the afternoon.Santas other helpers included Particip8 volunteers, Gilbertfield B.B. Company volunteers and Halfway Community Council members who all did a great job.

Our bucket collection on the day was an excellent £156.00 which has been donated to the MacMillan Nurses Charity.


Fireworks Display 2018                                                                              

This year’s event was an extravagant spectacle and our estimates reckon there was a crowd of around 2,000 flocked to watch this year’s Fireworks Display and a great time was had by all.

A huge thank you to Glenn Jamieson and his fellow BB Officers for the many hours it took to put on the display, before, during and after the event. Also our small team of Particip8 volunteers, Gilbertfield B.B. volunteers and Halfway Community Council members who worked so hard on the night and over many weeks to make the event a success.

The atmosphere this year was tremendous thanks to our DJ Dantheman who provided the music for the display and did an excellent job keeping the crowd entertained. A last minute addition was our M.C. Lorraine McHendry who kept the crowd entertained prior to the display.

Professional Fireworks are an expensive commodity and we are very grateful for all donations towards the cost of the display.

Parent Councils from local Primary Schools, Residents Associations, Halfway Community Council, North Halfway Hall Committee, Westburn Labour Bingo Club, LEAP and an anonymous donor all gave generous donations.

Local businesse also weighed in including Joseph Nelson Funeral Care, Rutherglen and Cambuslang Housing Association, AB2000, CCG, MacIntyre Fencing, Bardyke Chemicals, Morrison's Supermarket, Keedwell (Scotland) Ltd and Alan Hepworth - Solicitors all gave generous donations.

All in all a great team effort, if you would like to volunteer to help at any of our Particip8 Events please contact us via our FEEDBACK page and we will get in touch with you.


Summer Gala Day 2018

This years event was a great success but was again cut short by rain, though not before most of the activities had been completed.

Cambuslang Rugby Club did a taster session and the Sumo Wrestling were both great attractions. There were many stalls including the local Army Cadets who had an interesting array of equipment on show. We had the Petting Zoo and Pony Rides suitable for a variety of ages. This years bouncy equipment came in the form of a giant earthmover and was enjoyed by all our younger residents.

The CamGlen Radio team did an excellent job  supplying the music whilst our M.C. David Wilson entertained the crowd with his raucous banter.  

Alison Kennedy and her team organised the various races in all ages and later took on the M.C. job to allow M.C. David to take part in the hotly contested adult race, which he duly won. Well done to him.

The Tug of War events were very competitive and some would say rigged due to some of the weight discrepancies, but great fun was had by all. 

An annual visit by the skateboarding team is ever popular with those brave enough to have a go, but help was on hand and tuition was given when required, great fun to spectate as well and appreciate the skill of the participants.

The Climbing Wall is another attraction for the brave amongst us, a great experience for young and not so young alike.

Future Firefighters were given the chance to climb aboard a real Fire Engine and have a go on the various buttons which was extremely popular with our young residents. A big thank you to the Fire Service and the crew for coming along, it was greatly appreciated. 

Big thanks to all the volunteers who helped put up the marquee which was quite a task, taking it all down at the end in the rain proved just as onerous.


Fundraising Successes

We've had a lot of success over the summer and we are delighted at the responses to our appeals for funding from a variety of sources. We are very grateful to all the organisations who sponsored us and we are working hard to put these donations to good use.

The Drumsagard Trust were first in line with a promise of £3,000 to assist with the HUB fit-out once the lease is signed. This generous donation will go towards a new kitchen, some lighting, heating system and Health and Safety materials etc.

Next the National Lottery Awards for All weighed in with £3,862.00 to purchase a Marquee for our various events (weather permitting).

South Lanarkshire Council Area Committee gave us a grant of £1,508.99 for a printer, laptop and stationary to help us set up our administration and recently gave us a further grant of £975.00 to help us with our Christmas Lights Switch on Event for the Community.

Foundation Scotland gave us a grant of £1,930.00 for tables and chairs to get the HUB up and running and this year donated a further £1,620 to allow us to complete the refurbishment in Room 2 and our storage room.

The Financial Inclusion Network gave us a grant of £3,100.00 to provide CCTV Camera Network, Security Alarm system, Broadband/Phone installation.

The Healthy n Happy Community Chest donated a princely sum of £1,000 to cover some of the Fireworks Display costs and partly to help with the refurbishment of the HUB.

Morrison's and Greggs have donated food items to our Funday and Fireworks Display to help make our events a great success.

A whole host of local groups, Parent Councils, Residents Associations, Community Council and some local companies are helping to fund our annual fireworks display again this year.

Particip8 volunteers are extremely grateful to all who have gave donations which we will use to make Cambuslang East a better place for residents and to try and restore some pride in our area.


Let's make change happen, together.

The Particip8 Overton boundary has been expanded to include all areas of Cambuslang East; a Steering Group has been formed to include members who are from, or working within, our area.

The project has the support of South Lanarkshire Council, Local Councillors, Police Scotland, Halfway Community Council, Tenants/Residents Groups and agencies working in the area on our behalf.

To be completely successful we must have, and be able to demonstrate that we have, the full support of our local community and we urge you to get involved.

As stated above, we are currently in discussions with South Lanarkshire Council with a view to securing the long term lease of 2 shop units (formerly Munro's Newsagents) for use as a Community Hub.

It is hoped the property will be used by local groups and voluntary agencies supporting our community. We will give full details as soon as possible.

The aim of the Particip8 Overton Steering Group is to provide a collaborative approach in overseeing the development of the relevant activities by bringing appropriate partners together to promote and improve the Cambuslang East area.

Roles and responsibilities of members will be to:

Provide an overall action planning framework to take a proactive and consistent stance on community initiatives, and how they should be monitored and evaluated.

Identify and analyse all community activities/projects already being carried out by Particip8 Overton Steering Group (including scheduling, costing and responsibility for implementation).

Prioritise those community development activities that have the most impact and identify those that should be improved, expanded and potentially not taken forward.

Clearly identify and delineate the roles and responsibilities of members in managing community activities in the area.

Identify opportunities for synergies with other community-based agencies in the area.

Identify potential additional sources of funding to support community activities.

Strengthen participatory engagement with local residents through community activities

The steering group will consist of representatives from the following partner agencies:

Locally Elected Representatives
South Lanarkshire Council’s Housing & Technical Resources
Tenants and Residents Associations
Police Scotland
Eva Burrows First Stop Project
Lightburn Elderly Association Project (LEAP)
Local Community Councils
Other members as identified by the group who are able to assist in the development of the initiative

All members must have a responsibility to progress the initiative and have an association to the Cambuslang East area.


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